We were made to THRIVE!

By Tristine Barry

Hello Friends. It is great to get back to the blog for the new year. A little late, but hey, better late than never, right? I hope everyone had a great holiday and is ready for a new year.

I have added a new page to Free to Fly Now called, “Tribute to Worship Arts”. If you get duplicate emails of the same content I do apologize. I am learning. New year, new fun and new challenges~ I pray that you are blessed as you read my new page called, “Tribute to Worship Arts”.

I want to share that  at the early age of Middle School I started playing the flute. I accelerated with private instruction and when I began High School I shot right to the top of the three “best” in the band. They called it “First Chair”, “Second Chair”, “Third Chair”, and so on and so on. Each instrument or “set of instruments” had this order. I began at second chair, right behind an amazing flautist who was a year above me and held the esteemed, “First Chair” until she graduated. Why do I share this story? By thriving in those times playing in two different types of bands, competing and always flourishing, practicing, and learning, my love of music-now-is truly helping me to “Thrive” as an adult who loves Christian Worship music. I love all kinds and I have all kinds. Would you like to know why? Music moves. Music moves. Music can change a mood in an instant. Music can teach, it can lead, it can love and it can share; it is all in how it is presented and used, imo. I am here to share how I personally use music to strengthen, uplift, and love-but above all-to Worship our True God.

Worship Arts is all about God and so am I! I love Jesus. He saved me years ago and now I am passionately a fiend of worship arts. Now, I cannot sing and I don’t dance very well but I will say this. When I am singing to Jesus these beautiful words that I hear, nothing else seems to matter. I get raptured into Him and nothing else matters. Nothing. In this year of 2014, I have a “theme” for me, and hopefully for you. I am taking the Made to Crave Study with Proverbs 31 Online Bible Studies. I am digging deeper, asking God to pull my roots out so I may soar like an eagle and thrive. After all, that is why Jesus died for me-and for you. He loves us that much. I am working on craving God more than anything and the more I listen to His anointed through music, the stronger I get.

In honor of the new year and our new theme, “Thrive” for this year, I am going to share one of my favorites so far from the just released “Thrive” album by the Casting Crowns.

Casting Crowns "THRIVE"
Casting Crowns “THRIVE”

I am so very excited about this because this is more than just a new CD. They are putting out a challenge for all of us, any of us, who want to participate with them. I know I am looking into it and I hope you will join me. Take the THRIVE challenge with me-wouldn’t you like to thrive this year? After all, we were made to thrive. I am so excited to begin this new journey.

Lord, I thank You for this group of Artists sharing their gifts. I pray this song touches many but I will be thrilled with one person. I pray we will take the challenge to thrive in this world with Jesus. This song has touched me deeply and has turned on light bulbs in my soul that I weren’t sure were there. I thank you for Your love. I thank You for second chances. Amen

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About Tristine

I have a deep seated passion to educate and provide hope through writing and sharing my experiences of hope and triumph through sorrows. It is my heart-felt desire to share how glorious life can be with Jesus, my endless hope. I am excited to be part of the Proverbs 31 Compel Training (http://compeltraining.com/) program just so much I can hardly stand it! What a great tool. I have barely put a dent in what they offer and I am already benefitting. So I guess I am a "Budding Writer, and Blog Author". :) I am happily married with a man I am so blessed to have in my life. He is my biggest cheerleader! I participate in the Proverbs 31 Online Bible Studies (OBS) as I am hungry for knowledge and hungry for God. I love to learn and be among an amazing community of women. I mean AMAZING women. Though David and I have walked through many trials, we are truly blessed. I am at a point where I was able to "semi-retire" from the Counseling field and be a caregiver to my husband who is a stroke survivor. I strive to be that Proverbs 31 "woman". I pray "Free to Fly Now" touches one heart and points that heart to God and the hope and unending love He is all about. Thanks for stopping by. I encourage you to follow me for updates. I look forward to hearing from you. (If you have been directed here looking for my previous online support group I hope you will stick around and see what you will glean. I will write much about conquering anxiety, depression, and just life!) Blessings, Tristine
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5 Responses to We were made to THRIVE!

  1. Ann Coggins says:

    Music does inspire me and I too find that I worship the Lord through music. It sort of seems like a double praise since HE inspired the artist and I enjoy both. Now that’s getting your worship on!


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